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Référence 510105010
Titre de l'offre Expert Process Engineer Solids
Description de la mission Purpose of the Role
The role is part of the Process and Technology department which acts as a privileged partner to the Global
Business Unit operations and R&I activities. You will act as a (global) domain expert for powder and solids
processing and process engineering technology.
Building on your domain expertise and in close collaboration with other technology experts, you will contribute to
the elaboration and execution of the group's strategy and innovation programs and technology initiatives, in line
with the corporate Health, Safety and Environmental practices and guidelines.
Key Responsibilities
- Participate in the realisation of innovation programs and drive projects that improve the overall
processing capability and competitivity of teh Group's powder & solids application portfolio,
- Propose and generate ideas to strengthen both the group's technology functions as the global business
units operations, developing novel capabilities and technologies.
- Act as technology gatekeeper in the various phases of the industrialization process (from laboratory to
industrial deployment), with proper risk management and validation of the scale-up process steps.
- Work out detailed action plans related to industrialization and innovation projects, acting in some cases
as the project manager.
- Provide in-depth and structural solutions to process engineering problems within the business units
(requiring expert technology input)
- Drive and develop the process engineering expertise (solids & powder), capitalizing on the available
inhouse competences as well as on general industry technology evolation.
- Build and coach the development on capabilities within the domain expertise, mentoring internal
collaborators and liaising with external networks and parties.
- Inspire and contribute to the technology and scientific leadership of the group through cross-functional
and transversal interaction with all levels and departments.
Type de contrat CDI
Société SOLVAY
Description de la société SOLVAY Group appointed the cabinet of hunting Korn Ferry in Paris exclusively for this offer:

Our client is a global company driven by proud and committed chemists. With their historical anchorage in Europe,
their products serve diversified markets worldwide, from consumer goods to energy, with one main aim – to
improve quality of life and customer performance.
The drive to achieve their aim has resulted in 90 percent of their revenue being generated from businesses that
are among the top three global leaders in their field.
The Company covers a range of industries, including consumer goods and healthcare; agro, feed and food;
automotive and aeronautics; energy and environment; building and construction; electricity and electronics, and
industrial applications. Its segments include advanced formulations, advanced materials, performance chemicals,
functional polymers, and corporate & business services.
Their businesses plan to focus on the following:
- Producing new materials that are more effective and eco-efficient;
- Developing renewable chemistry by promoting the use of renewable raw materials and recycling
- Contributing to the creation of sustainable energy solutions, such as photovoltaics and batteries;
- Producing more efficiently and responsibly by optimizing resource utilization;
- Supporting the growth of expanding markets;
- Developing more responsible consumer products.
The Group's strategy is to find answers and respond to the challenges of 3 major megatrends: evolving
demography and consumer behaviour, innovation acceleration, resource constraints and demand for
Their strategy is to participate in reshaping the global chemical industry and to build a model of chemistry that will
address these crucial issues while continuing to drive value creation and profitable growth. They reach this
through a permanent reshaping of their portfolio, the strengthening of their growth engines and the acceleration
of their organic growth, innovation, and acquisitions.
Localisation Rhone Alpes
Pays France
Description du profil Candidate Profile
Master degree in chemical engineering and/or physical chemistry science (eg from major schools such
as ENSIC, ENSIACET, CPE or other international chemical engineering institutes….)
- You have considerable experience in both solids process engineering and solid chemistry (physics
and synthesis) (>15yrs) preferably acquired within an international fine chemicals or phamaceutical
- In particular, you have a broad experience (>15yrs) in the characterization and development
(synthesis, physical/chemical/mechanical properties…) of solid materials, understanding their
functional characteristics (granularity, porosity, morphology, adhesion, electrostatics …) that offer
potential for novel applications, including design of experiments and laboratory/pilot case trials.
- You have also an operational exposure (> 10yrs) and technical affinity with solid processing operations,
including seiving, mixing, fluidisation, cristallizatation, dosing, milling, drying, separation & purification.
In addition, you master the principles of „form-shaping“ technologies such as tabletting, compacting,
encapsulation, controled-release, solution & suspension…
- You demonstrate an ability to lead industrialization projects from laboratory scale through industry
operations, having driven multiple innovation projects with industrial application & operation.
Skills & Competences
- Proven experience and industrial exposure (>15yrs) to solid & powder related unit operations
processes (mechanical, hydromechanical, energy/heat, reaction and mass transport).
- Sound theoretical and technical background on all (physical-chemical-mechanical) aspects of the
formation of particles, their characterisation and on the study of systems containing particulate solids.
- Ability to act as project manager and stage-gate process manager to drive innovation and development
- Recognized as industry expert in solid/powder material processing, with active international network in
both industry as research environments.
- Demonstrated ability to work with cross functional teams in a global and multicultural context.
- Strong problem solving, analytical and conceptual thinking skills
- Nimble learning capacity – skilled to apply new concepts and methods
- Ability to inspire and promote technology advantage, both at strategic and operational level
- Synthesis capacity to prioritize high value-added initiatives
- Experience in modeling and simulation of solids or particle systems would be an advantage
- Fluent in English, and willingness to learn French
    Industrie chimique, pharmaceutique, cosmétique
    Ingénierie - Recherche & Développement
    Industrie pharmaceutique / Biotechnologies
Nom du contact Kahina Feknous
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